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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

McMurray Musings' Fort McMurray Blogger Round-Up

One of the best things I've found about blogging is that you don't need to be a perfect writer to do it. In fact, there are no perfect writers, and often I go back to an old blog post and find a grammatical error that makes me groan (and wonder how many people think I'm an illiterate buffoon). All you need to blog is something to say, and the time to say it. Blog posts can be short or long, very topic-specific, or rambling. I follow some blogs that are nothing but photos, some that are nothing but cupcakes, some that are nothing but shoes, and some that are nothing but inspirational quotes (and some days I need those when I've arrived home after a serious traffic delay on the 63). My favourite blogs, though, are the local ones. I'm always interested in what other residents of our community are thinking, whether it's about local restaurants, events, or what it's like to be single here. So, I want to share some of these local blogs with my readers in the hope that you too will find something you like.

First up is The Nomadic Learner. Now, I'm honoured that the author of this blog also happens to be a friend of mine, but that's not why I love her blog. I love it because we attend a lot of the same events, so I get to see another perspective on the community, and see it through her eyes. She also has her own unique experience in our city, and so her blog tells me about some things I don't know about. Combined with a comfortable writing style it means her blog is always a good read, and I recommend it for another view on life in Fort Mac.

Next up is someone I think is seriously, seriously funny. Now, I can be funny - in person. Writing in a way that is funny is a gift, though, and one I don't have. The author of the blog Seriously, I'm Just Sayin'.... has this gift. She writes about local things but also about her life, her dog, and her toes. It's always an interesting read, often funny as hell, and I think she's a terrific writer, too. She even has a Facebook page for the blog - so go like it and keep up to date with her latest posts!

And next is someone else I find intriguing. Ever wonder what it's like to be single in Fort Mac? Yeah, me too, and just due to some personal experiences I figured it's an interesting adventure. Single Lady in Fort McMurray blogs about what it is like to date in this city, and to navigate the oh-so-treacherous-waters of single life here.  But it's not just about dating here, either, and speaks to the larger experience of finding yourself single when you didn't expect or plan to be, and about continuing the journey of your life. Often funny, occasionally poignant, and definitely worth a read.

Next up is a new blogger on the block, but one that is providing a necessary service in Fort Mac - restaurant reviews. I'd considered doing such reviews but got sidetracked with dinners, galas, events, and municipal affairs, so when this blogger began to tweet food reviews I suggested a food blog. Since others suggested the same thing I was delighted when he decided to pursue it, and while it's a new venture I think it's terrific. Food is a very subjective thing, and this blog is still in it's infancy, but we all started somewhere, right? So, head on over to YMM Food Critic and check it out! (incidentally "YMM" is our airport code and the tag used to identify Fort Mac on Twitter)

And then there is Sunlit Serenity, a lovely gentle blog filled with photos, soft words, and, quite frankly, a sense of love. The blog is just as the name implies, filled with sunlight and serenity, and it's a nice quiet read for when you feel the need to slow down a bit. The posts are often short and perfect for a quick read, which can be a nice change from long, involved, wordy blog posts (of which I am guilty, oh, so very guilty, people!).

Finally, someone will likely argue that this isn't a local blog, but it's a blog by someone who grew up in Fort Mac and is now pursuing life adventures overseas. Her ties to this community remain strong, though, and  while her blog talks about her current life you can see it's deep roots in our city, especially in her non-traditional career choice. Again this is someone I am proud to call a friend, and High Voltage Housewife may have left Fort Mac in body, but I know that part of her heart remains here.

So, there you have my latest Fort McMurray blogger round up. What I'm truly hoping is that we will experience a blogger explosion in this city. There is so much to be written about, and so much to be said, that there is room for dozens of blogs. Like I said at the beginning you don't need to be a perfect writer - in fact, you can just post photographs and not write at all. I can guarantee one thing, though, and that is that blogging is good for the soul - and it's good for our community, too. The tagline for my blog has always been "telling our own story" - don't you think just maybe it's time to tell yours? Fort Mac - I hope to "read" ya soon!


  1. Love it!! You're not so shabby yourself! It's awesome that there are so many positive attitudes about Fort McM and people continue to tell our story even when they no longer live here. What's more, not every story is about the 'big bad oil sands' - we show that life here is just the way it is everywhere else: fun, normal and filled with every day things and every day people. And yes, 'blogging is good for the soul.' It's like chatting with a good friend, and sometimes the friend talks back to you :)

  2. Thank you for the kind words about my blog; The Nomadic Learner. Have to admit when I saw on my phone that you tweeted it out I was in a meeting, but as soon as possible I snuck up to my room to quickly read your blog before racing back downstairs for the rest of the day's meetings. I am thankful to have a friend as wonderful as you and grateful that you have come into my life. It was after some encouraging words from you that I returned to blogging. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this Teresa. Part of me was hoping there would be some sort of little blogging community that would form up eventually. There was quite an active one in Nunavut when I was working up there and I wasn't sure what it would be like when I left for a more urban centre. One of the things I enjoy is, as you mentioned in your post, seeing the community from multiple view points. Here's hoping the Fort McMurray blogging community grows bigger as we tell our stories in this very unique Canadian city.