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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cosmetic Transformation - Make-Up Artistry by Hina Khawar

There are many things I have never done in my life. I have never gone sky-diving, I have never gone scuba diving, and I've never gone spelunking. Until this past weekend I've never had my make-up professionally done, either. I don't think I'm going to take up sky-diving, scuba diving, or spelunking, but I think I will have make-up done again in the future - especially if it can be done by Hina Khawar, local make-up artist and, I think, magician.

I've never had my make-up done because I never really saw the need. After all, by this point I should know how to do make-up, right? I've been doing my own make-up for decades, and I thought I did it pretty well - but I learned a few tricks from Hina.

Hina runs her business from her basement, which makes her one of those home-based community businesses so dear to my heart. She does not just make-up but also waxing and facials. And people - she is gifted when it comes to make-up application.

When I arrived I made sure my face was clean and ready. I'll admit I was slightly apprehensive - you never know how this is going to go and while I'd seen examples of her work (she has done the make-up for spreads in the Connect newspaper) I was still nervous. I shouldn't have been.

Hina works with a light and confident touch. I particularly loved that she isn't satisfied with the colour palettes from make-up manufacturers but rather uses those palettes to swirl and blend her own colours. I was particularly intrigued when she took a small strip of scotch tape and applied it to my eye area. She explained that while it might bother me it was the best way to achieve very defined eye colour application - and she was quite right.

The make-up was for the Keyano Foundation Gala, so I chose to go with a darker look than normal - I'd wanted to try the "smoky eye" look but had no idea how to accomplish it successfully. Hina managed to do it wonderfully, and without making me look like a raccoon (which is the outcome when I attempt it).

I was also very impressed when she introduced me to Smashbox lip gloss. I've always worn lipstick to events, but Hina explained that lip gloss is very current (I had no idea, see how little I know, people?!?). So, she applied a sheer pink shade of lip gloss - and it exceeded my expectations, requiring only infrequent applications. I was so impressed, in fact, that I went out and bought several tubes of Smashbox lip gloss to add to my daily make-up routine.

The final result was lovely, I think. I had the dark smoky eye I had wanted to try, with a very defined eye line. I had sheer pink lips, and my skin had never looked better, with an even tone that I can rarely achieve through my own make-up application.

I had wanted to post pictures of the before and after, but my photos were of such poor quality that I'd like instead to share photos of Hina's work from her Facebook page. Hina's prices are very reasonable, and the quality of her work is excellent. It takes some degree of faith to allow another person to do your make-up for a special event, but I wouldn't hesitate to have Hina do my make-up again as I felt quite lovely afterwards. Hina also offers courses in make-up application, which is an intriguing option for those who would like to learn to do their own make-up in a more professional fashion. And as for the scotch tape trick? Not only am I using it, I'm teaching it to my girls - which means we are going to need a lot more rolls of tape in my house!

Hina Khawar, Make-Up Artist, 
can be contacted
at 780-880-0386, 

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