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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Brash Butterfly" and "Frost By Mucharata" Fashion Show

This past weekend Fort McMurray hosted a new event, the Women's Show. Now, I'd heard there would be some vendors, which always makes me happy since I like to shop, but I'd also heard there would be some fashion shows. As I've written before I've been following the success of local business Frost, but this time Frost was combining with another favourite local business of mine, Brash Butterfly, and presenting their collections together.

Now, Frost provides wonderful jewelry, pieces that dazzle and amaze. The pieces have a very modern edge, often quite dramatic and colourful. Brash Butterfly, however, throws the spotlight back on to an earlier era in the form of dresses inspired by the 1950's. The line they carry most prominently is "Stop Staring", a line of gorgeous vintage inspired clothing. I've always been a fan of 50's dresses, as they are designed in a fundamentally figure flattering way. The greatest thing about these designs is that they are not meant exclusively for those size 2 women but instead look wonderful on women with fuller figures, too. They are subdued but sexy, soft and yet with a sharp retro edge. I was fascinated to see how the modern Frost jewelry would combine with the vintage dresses - and was delighted to see that they complemented each other beautifully.

On Saturday I had taken the older Intrepid Junior Blogger with me, and after the fashion show ended I stopped to introduce myself to Mucharata, or Michelle, the owner of Frost. After speaking to me a few moments she looked at the Junior Blogger and said "I have another show tomorrow, would you like to model for me?". The first response was complete incomprehension as the Junior Blogger could not believe her ears. So, Mucharata asked again, and when the Junior Blogger looked at me blankly I interpreted with "She wants you to be a model". Well, people, she was speechless but those big eyes of hers somehow grew bigger. I gave permission, she said yes (more along the lines of "well, duh!") and off we went to Brash Butterfly to find a dress.

Brash Butterfly is another home-based business, and operated in Anzac. I've seen them at several shows such as the Women's Show, and have always been impressed with their offerings. The prices are reasonable, the items unique in this city, and the variety well thought out. Brash Butterfly offers not just vintage-inspired wear but also more modern designs and styles, with something to please every taste.

The Intrepid Junior Blogger and I found a dress that looked smashing, and we headed home in order to be back there on Sunday for the show. The Junior Blogger was past excited and more into delirious, but I suspected nerves would set in at some point.

Sunday dawned and the Junior Blogger was nervous but ready. We returned back to the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre, and Mucharata went about the process of selecting jewelry items for the show. There is no doubt she has a good eye for jewelry, and she rapidly found pieces that looked amazing with the clothing the Junior Blogger would wear. At this point the Junior Blogger went backstage with the other models and I stayed out front in order to enjoy the show - and, just as the day before, it was terrific.

The Stop Staring fashions show so well on the runway, and the models were all fantastic, each with their own special strut and flair. The modern jewelry pieces contrasted and yet complemented the retro dresses, and together they set a tone that was both an homage to the past and a vision of the present. The second half of the show the models wore their own black dresses to further spotlight the jewelry alone - but a couple of the dresses were beautiful designer items Mucharata herself provided.

The show was fantastic, and I'm proud to report my Intrepid Junior Blogger was a natural. She had never modelled before, and for a first time she did it wonderfully well, mimicking all the poses and turns. She happens to be a beautiful young lady with strikingly modern looks, well suited to Mucharata's dramatic and bold jewelry lines.

So, once again a local event dazzled. I enjoyed the vendors at the Women's Show but I have to admit the highlight for me was the fashion shows - and especially the fashion show where two very kind local businesswomen, the owners of Frost and Brash Butterfly, invited my lovely Junior Blogger to participate. I believe she called it "the best weekend ever", and I think it will be an event she always remembers. And as for me? Well, I've got my eye on some jewelry pieces at Frost and some dresses at Brash Butterfly - and thanks to the fashion show I just happen to know they also look pretty darn good together. This is, in my case, dangerous knowledge indeed.

My thanks to Frost by Mucharata, Brash Butterfly, and the
organizers of the Women's Show for another terrific event!

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  1. Love the blog! The fashion show rocked!

    -Ashley Almon