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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wanna Get Scared? Come To Film Fear, October 28th!

When I woke up this morning and saw snow on my lawn I knew two things. The first was that fall is almost done, and winter is announcing it's arrival. The second was that if it was snowing it must mean Halloween is near, since snow and Halloween seem to go together in this city (with the first snow often choosing to arrive on October 31st, making for damp little boys and ghouls). This reminded me, though, of something else - Halloween events in Fort Mac.

Every year there are the usual events, like the amazing Chateau Boo hosted by the Boys and Girls Club (happening next weekend out at Dunvegan Gardens, and promising to be a spooktacular event). There is a new event this year, though, and one that I will be attending. Please note, I am attending AND wearing a costume - and people, I haven't worn a costume since I was about eleven. The event? "Film Fear", hosted by YMMPodcast and Sound Obsessions. It's taking place at the Keyano Recital Theatre on Friday, October 28th, at 7 pm.

There are a lot of things I like about Film Fear. One is that I have great fondness for Toddske and Tito, the guys from YMMPodcast. We don't always agree (eg, cops on Twitter, a topic Toddske and I have argued at length) but we share a common goal - telling the Fort Mac story. They do it through podcasting, I do it through blogging, and so we are all exploring non-traditional media as a way to transmit our message. I suppose I see them as not only friends but as "brothers in spirit" as we explore this brave new digital world in our own ways. But that isn't my only reason to want to attend Film Fear. Nope, I'm going because I love nothing more than a good party with some good local people, and that is what this event promises to be.

Film Fear will showcase two major films, one being "Creepshow", the Stephen King classic, and one being "Red State"by Kevin Smith. I saw Creepshow years ago, and I've long been a fan of Stephen King novels (mostly because the man can make words creepy, which is very difficult). I've never seen Red State but have heard amazing things about it, so I cannot wait to check that out. There will also be a number of independent short horror films shown, and those are the ones I am really eager to see as I am a big fan of independent film making.

The guys say there will be costume contests, games, prizes, and other little treats and surprises. There will also be bar service available (after all, what is a Halloween party without some drinks?!?), and apparently SNAP Wood Buffalo will be there to capture some of the costume finery.

So, what does attending this event cost? A donation to the Food Bank. Yes, that's right, just a donation to the Food Bank. I think that's pretty cool, too, as they could easily charge for tickets but instead this is a fun Halloween party with a charitable edge, and one of my favourite charitable groups, too.

I knew I was into this whole thing when I went to Spirit Halloween, tried on several costumes, and actually left with one. I don't usually do a costume for Halloween, so this indicates my level of excitement for Film Fear. How I REALLY knew, though, was when my husband, who is rather anti-Halloween, went out on his own and also bought a costume (I was actually a bit stunned, people). I'd told him that this was going to be a really great time with some great films, and, even better, with all the great Fort Mac locals. So, he went out and bought a costume (which shows both his love for his wife, I suspect, and the fact that he can also appreciate the concept of a good Halloween film party).

So, October 28th, 7 pm. Put on a costume, grab a donation for the Food Bank, and head down to the Keyano Recital Theatre for some fearful films. Hang out with some amazing Fort Mac people, maybe meet some new ones, and enjoy a new event that I hope will become a yearly Halloween tradition. I will, most definitely, see you there!

Please note : Film Fear is an event intended for an adult audience.
Little spooks should be left at home as the level of scary
 is rated R for " Really intense" :)

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