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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Municipal Development Plan in 5 Minutes

I've been following the evolution of the Municipal Development Plan, or MDP, for some time. The whole process has intrigued me, especially because it has been built on community engagement. I attended some of the open houses, and was delighted to speak to RMWB staff who were knowledgeable, friendly - and excited about the MDP, too. At the last open house they kindly gave me a memory stick with the entire MDP document on it, and I've read it more than once. I've wanted to write about it, too, but the concept is so large in scale and scope that it was a bit beyond me as to how to fit it into a blog that I try to keep succinct (to avoid readers heading off to their Facebook pages instead).

So yesterday I was absolutely thrilled to discover that  the RMWB has released a video on YouTube. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this video explains the MDP - in 5 minutes, and in a way that would take me several blog posts to do.

Now, people, you're not off the hook. I plan to write more about the MDP, breaking it up into blog-size chunks. This little video, however, can serve as your introduction to the MDP and give you the heads-up as to what is going on in the RMWB in regards to municipal development.

Maybe you're wondering why you should spend 5 minutes of your time watching this. Well, if you live here, you owe it to yourself, and your community, to watch. If you happen to be someone who works here but lives elsewhere I still think you should watch because it might just entice you to make the RMWB your new home. And,  even if you live elsewhere and don't work here I still encourage you to watch - because just maybe you will see the vision of our community and be as intrigued and excited as I am. Maybe you'll think about coming here to check it out. Maybe you'll even begin to think about making the RMWB a possible home for you, too. Here it is, people - you are all welcome in this community. Come and join us - either for a visit or to stay - and just watch us grow!

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