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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Global Glamour Fashion Show

One of the best things about this community has to be all the people who seize the opportunities here and begin a new adventure. Sometimes it's a new publication, like McMurray Girl, or a new business. One business I've been watching pretty closely is Frost by Mucharata, and this weekend I had a chance to attend Frost's first anniversary party and "Global Glamour Fashion Show" at MacDonald Island.

Frost is the baby of Michelle David, a woman with an eye for fashion, and jewelry in particular. Frost has been around for a year, and I think in that year has pretty much had a huge impact on the fashion scene in Fort Mac. No longer are we limited to the local jewelry chains, or the low-end costume jewelry at other clothing stores. No, now we have jewelry brought to us by Frost, and people,  what jewelry it is!

Now, there is delicate jewelry to be found at Frost, but many items are bold, dramatic statement pieces. I must admit that I am a fan of those pieces because you can take a very simple outfit and make it outstanding with the addition of a carefully selected dramatic necklace and bracelet.

The Global Glamour event was great as there were other vendors there as well, local independent business people who sell jewelry or handbags or clothing (in particular Nisa Collection clothing catches my eye every time, with such beautiful colours and fabrics). One of my Intrepid Junior Bloggers and I perused all of the booths before we settled in to catch the fashion show (a first such show for the Junior Blogger).

I was delighted that as a preamble to the fashion show they had invited ethnic dancers to perform. It picked up the theme of "global glamour" very nicely, I thought, and was yet another chance to see some local people enjoying their particular passion - in this case, dance.

After the dances were finished the lights dimmed, and the show began. The MC for the show was local publisher Kyla Getty, a woman who has my respect and admiration for her initiative and vision in founding McMurray Girl magazine.

When the models began to come down the runway I knew we were in for a real treat. The clothing chosen was simple - black, in order to showcase the true stars, the jewelry - but the models were gorgeous, with intricate hair and make-up. And the jewelry? Simply stunning.

I loved every single second of the show, and was thrilled to see all these lovely local women strutting their stuff while showing off Frost's beautiful pieces. The Intrepid Junior Blogger was awestruck and almost speechless, and afterwards she had just one word - awesome.

The show finished with the introduction of the owner and founder of Frost, and she looked amazing, surrounded by her models - and all her hard work.

Look, people, starting and running a small business of ANY sort is bold and risky. It takes a certain belief, confidence, and vision. It takes drive and passion. It takes courage. It's pretty clear to me that Frost owner Michelle David has all these qualities, and that with her at the wheel Frost will be a success. In fact it's pretty clear from the numbers of women who attended the Global Glamour event that Frost is already a local success. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and my niece was thrilled with the "swag bag" she walked away with.

As for me? I walked away with some photos, a great story for this blog...and, oh yeah, one of these, too. 

I wish Frost a very happy first anniversary on the Fort Mac fashion scene, and I thank Michelle for hosting a wonderful Global Glamour event. She and her fellow fashion entrepreneurs are just another reason that life in this community is so amazing, people. On a cool October afternoon you can be surrounded by glamour and beauty and local people pursuing their dreams. I find that pretty "awesome", indeed.

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