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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Turning Point

Well, it's that day again. Valentine's Day. One of those days that can be looked at as just another day, or a cash grab by card and chocolate makers, or to celebrate love, or a day to avoid if you happen to be unhappily single. Today I thought it might be nice to celebrate the day with a post about some local love stories - but I didn't have to go out to find them. No, Wood Buffalo Big Spirit has done that already, and even put them on their website with videos to showcase them, too.

There are six lovely stories on the website, and the greatest part is that these couples found love right here in Fort McMurray. That shouldn't seem like a big deal, really, and perhaps it isn't, but I'm guessing it is to those six couples. Because you never forget the place you met, or how, and even if some day you leave it you will always recall it as a place special in your heart.

Fort McMurray is special to my heart for so many reasons, the biggest one being all the wonderful friends I have made here. I've found the best friend I've ever had here, and another friend who has become a brother to me (complete with annoying the hell out of me some days). I've found dozens of other friends, too, people that have enriched my life in so very many ways. I didn't meet my husband here - that happened in a Taco Time/Dairy Queen in Saskatoon (he was a musician, I was a university student, and he stole the beret I was wearing - see, you never forget!). And here we are so many years later, about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this year (yes, I was a child bride, barely out of infancy in fact, thanks for noticing!). I suppose what touched me the most about the videos is that every relationship has a story, a narrative of how and why and when and where - and every story, like all those other stories here, deserves to be told.

I'm delighted that Wood Buffalo Big Spirit decided to showcase these stories of love. I'm pleased to be able to share them with you today, Fort Mac, on a day truly just like any other day - and like any other day these stories of love deserve to be heard. I sincerely hope you'll take a moment to do so!

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