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Saturday, July 2, 2011

KISS n' Tell

I have a confession, people. I'm not going to be at the KISS concert. Yes, you read that right. When the concert was announced I was so excited - but the date was a problem. You see, I had a previous commitment to my family. While I would dearly love to be there to see KISS, to write about the concert, and to feel the excitement (and as much as I love you, people) my family trumps all. So, I'm going to need to live a little vicariously through all of you.

I've been watching the stage and stands being built at Mac Island with fascination, excitement, and regret - fascination that they've been assembled so quickly, excitement at the whole adventure, and tinges of regret that I won't be there.

I can imagine how exciting it will all be, and I can imagine the crowds, the noise, and the enthusiasm. I can imagine when Gene Simmons takes the stage, and the thuds when some of the local boys keel over after getting a look at Shannon Tweed. I can imagine it all, and in some ways I don't need to be there - because, Fort Mac, I'll be with you in spirit. I expect I'll be able to hear the screaming all the way from here in Edmonton, and I expect I'll hear all the stories when I return.

I expect to hear that Fort Mac was the best stop on this KISS tour because the crowd was so enthusiastic. I expect to hear that we showed the country that we can rock. I expect to hear from out-of-town guests that we are gracious hosts, and that Fort Mac was a pleasant surprise for people who expected our city to be some horrible place (because all they've heard was the bad press). I expect to hear people be sorry to hear I wasn't there for the concert - but in all honesty I don't need to be there to be happy. I'm just so delighted that it's happening in my little city, and that these good things are happening for us. I can celebrate that even from far away. Oh, and Fort Mac? Rock it out tonight - because tonight is gonna be a good night. It's the start of something special in the city, and it's time to celebrate all the good things that have happened here - and those that are yet to come!

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