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Thursday, October 4, 2012

RMWB Leadership BootCamp, Homework, and Where You Come In

My Wonder Woman Converse and I
on the way to
RMWB Leadership Bootcamp

A few months ago I met a man named Ian Hill. I've written about Ian several times, about the relationship he has developed with this region, and about some of his ideas. When Ian came back this summer and announced RMWB Leadership Bootcamp I knew I wanted to be involved, because I love the idea of creating grassroots leaders in this community (and frankly, people, we desperately need them, too).

Leadership Bootcamp is a 15-week program designed to help individuals create change within themselves and within the community. It is meant to help create a culture of leadership, and to help the participants achieve their own goals in terms of their leadership abilities. It's a pretty intensive program, and last night was the second live session with Ian. It was about becoming an "Agent of Change".

When I first began this blog over a year ago I didn't really give much thought to goal and purpose. I didn't really have a vision or mission - I just had a keyboard, an idea, and a desire to share my story of my life in this community. I suppose I hoped it might counter some of the negative media we receive from those who do not and will never live here, but who write about us as if they know us. And I suppose I hoped it would reflect my life here, and show others already living here or considering a move that life here can in fact be very fulfilling. And I suppose that I hoped it would open some doors for me. What I never anticipated, though, was that it would blow those doors wide open, lead to a business license as a freelance writer, and bring with it responsibility.

Yes, that's right, responsibility. I realized that this blog could be used to tell not only my story but the story of others. It could be used to trumpet our successes and address our failures. It could be used as a catalyst for conversations, and it could help us to engage in some "courageous conversations" about our issues.

So, over the past year and a half I have tried to direct this blog in certain ways. I have tried to help others tell their story, and I have tried to use this blog to show the world that this region has something very special going on it - and that special thing is our community. As Ian Hill said last night a community is not a group of people who live in a place of shared commerce, but rather a group of people who share vision, experience, and victory. Community is about what we achieve together.

Last night Ian challenged us with some homework. The homework involved a simple 3-question survey meant to help us as individuals understand how we are doing in terms of our purpose and goals. Now, I'm not like the others in bootcamp who can give this survey to their employees or co-workers or bosses. I don't have any of those. What I have, people, is you. I have my readers, those who follow this journey, and that's where you come in.

I gave the survey some thought and decided to set up an online anonymous survey where you can tell  me how you think I am doing in terms of serving this community. You can tell me anything you want, in fact, things you think I should or shouldn't write about, things you think I could do better, and things you think I do well. I do this with some trepidation because such feedback is scary. After all, I could get dozens of surveys telling me I suck and should just go home and play with my dog instead of ever touching a keyboard again. But people, life is about taking a risk - and frankly this blog was always about taking a risk, so I am not about to shy away now.

It's a simple survey, 3 questions. You can expand on the answers as much as you want or as little. And even if I get only one response at least it's some feedback on how I am doing and it helps me to evaluate my direction. I don't ask you for much, people - but this time I will ask you to check out my survey, give me a few minutes of your time, and tell me what you think about how I am doing in my self-appointed self-carved role in this community. Don't be afraid to be honest, because I can take it. In a week or so I'll share some of the survey results (after I've had time to consider them), and I can guarantee that I will think about all your comments.

In the end, people, you are the only peers I have who can help me on this part of becoming a better leader. The link is below, and I genuinely appreciate your time and thoughts. I post this link with a little bit of fear but also a whole lot of excitement, because I hope you can help me become better at what I am trying to do. This is your chance, people. Tell me what you think, ok?

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  1. While I believe that certain traits of leadership are inborn, it does not mean that we can not refine ourselves and add the qualities of leadership in our current skillset. Anyone can be a leader if they choose to learn from either experience or a workshop such as these.