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Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Up and Go, Wood Buffalo!

I am always intrigued when I hear people complaining about how they have "nothing" to do in Fort Mac. Intrigued, and annoyed, too, as there is no shortage of things to do here if one just starts to take a look around. This weekend I went to MacDonald Island Park to check out the "Get Up and Go Wood Buffalo" event, and once again was astounded by exactly how much there is going on in this community.

Get Up and Go Wood Buffalo is like a trade show for community clubs, service groups, and volunteer opportunities. I think it's such a terrific idea to have an event to showcase all these aspects of our community in one place so people can wander around and see what interests them or their family. There are sporting clubs present, with information about what they do and how to get involved. There are community facilities with booths, like the local YMCA and MacDonald Island. Most interesting to me, though, are the groups that both provide services and are also primarily volunteer-based, like Fort McMurray Victim Services (this is a service that intrigues me personally, and one I hope to write more about).

I suppose what struck me the most about Get Up and Go Wood Buffalo is that after spending ten minutes there I knew that there is absolutely no reason for anyone in this city to be bored. Whether it's getting involved in a sport, a club, or volunteering there is something here for everyone. Yes, it takes some initiative. Yes, you might have to leave your house. Yes, you might have to go looking for it. But it's there, people, it's all there. You just need to get up - and go!

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  1. I hear this complaint a lot too and just find it bizarre. A frequent topic of conversation in our household is over just what to get involved in because there are so many choices.