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Friday, July 4, 2014

A New View on the World

I will admit I was wary of the entire idea. I have been wearing glasses since Grade Six, a necessity that once felt like a burden but over time simply became part of who I am. Every couple of years I visit the optometrist, get my vision checked (at least the vision in my ‘good eye’, the one unaffected by my eye disease) and order some new frames.

I have always found the price of glasses exorbitant, and so while I own a variety of everything else fashion and appearance related I tended to have one pair of glasses – until I was introduced to the world of ordering glasses online.

Now, let’s be clear. I continue to order one pair of glasses and one pair of sunglasses from my optometrist, as this is how optometrists stay in business and manage to provide us with the services we need – but I have now also begun to order glasses online, and it has changed how I see glasses forever.
I was hesitant at first but my buddy Jerry Neville had been ordering glasses online for some time so I decided to take the plunge. I took my new eyeglass prescription and ordered my first pair from Clearly Contacts.

It is quite simple, really, just inputting your information and prescription. The most complicated part is measuring your pupil distance, but a couple of online tutorials quickly taught me how to accomplish that. I ordered my glasses for a great deal (my first pair was free, and all I paid was shipping) and I was astonished at how quickly they arrived...and the fact that they were perfect.
I had been worried that they might be defective in some regard, but I was delighted to discover they were quite perfect in every way. I discovered you could even upload a photo of yourself and virtually “try on” the glasses. And Clearly Contacts was only one company offering this service, with others offering a wide array of glasses too, and far cheaper than the price normally paid through an optometry office.

You see places like Zenni Optical and Clearly Contacts have changed the way I see, quite literally. I now own a variety of prescription eyeglass, suitable for every mood, occasion and outfit. I once saw glasses as pretty utilitarian, too expensive to be truly fashionable, but now I can change them up on a daily basis.
I will always order a pair from my optometrist, to support his business and livelihood, but I have now also become a convert to the world of online glasses – and I could not be happier with my new view on the world.

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