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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ripping Off the Bandaid

Tonight I share with you a blog post from a fellow communications professional. I do so without a great deal of commentary as he sums up his case quite well and it needs little additional comment from me.

All I will add is that perhaps it is time to rip off the bandaid. I have over recent weeks watched as the slow and constant revelation of new information began to poison our community. I saw it slowly sinking into our consciousness, beginning to fester like a wound where every day brought new ooze to the surface.

Maybe it's time to rip off the bandaid and expose the entire wound instead of plucking away at the edges of the bandage we have wound around it. I know that allowing former employees who signed non-disclosure agreements to now speak about their experience might have repercussions which we do not fully expect or understand, but I am not certain it can be any worse than what is currently occurring in our community - a slow and steady drip of toxicity that threatens to rip us apart. The information they possess will come out over time - of that I am certain - and so any attempt to keep things under wraps seems not only futile, but foolish.

Maybe our only chance for catharsis is to rip off the bandaid, expose the wounds and hope to let the healing truly begin. I don't know for certain, although I know that is the conclusion my heart leans toward. But I will let this former RMWB employee state his case, and let you decide:

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