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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tale Lights

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the interPLAY Film Festival hosted by YMMPodcast and Events Wood Buffalo. I attended two evenings of screenings, but due to previous commitments missed one night. The final night, when the winners were announced, the overall winner of best film happened to be one that was shown on the night I was absent. When they showed a clip of the film, and spoke to the film-makers about it, I was intrigued. One of the comments made was that the film was intended to show Fort McMurray as it truly is - not an "all good" or "all bad" portrayal, but rather a film that walked the middle line and showed what this community is really like.

People, it's a lovely little film. It's about residents of our city that have come from all over, and who have begun to call this their home. This collective of experiences is what our community is about - not one person's viewpoint but rather those of all of us.

This film might be a student venture but it is impressive in quality, scope, and content. It takes the thoughts and experiences of residents who have come from so many different places (mentally and physically) and blends them together into a lovely depiction of our city. There is good, there is bad, there is change, and there is growth. This is our community, Fort Mac. This is who we truly are. To those who made this film - thank you for allowing others in this city to tell their own story. To me this is how we get the message about who we are out into the world - we begin to tell our own stories, through our podcasts and our blogs and our tweets - and our films.

"Tale Lights"
  Carlie Gaudet, Sora Han, Paul Neiman, and Alex Rushdie

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