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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sign of the Times

When driving around Fort Mac these days it seems the sign above is one I run into again and again. It's that season again, people. We've had the season known as brown, a brief dalliance with spring, and now we are into the season called "road construction".

I try not to whine about it too much because I know it's necessary. I know that the work being done is essential, especially the construction of the new overpasses and bridges. It can drive me a bit crazy some days when I am trying to get from one point to another and discover myself needing to take not one, and not two, but three detours to get there.

I've been treating it a bit like a game, though, especially downtown with the closures on Franklin. I try to take a different detour every day if I can (well, there are a limited number of routes so obviously it's a bit of a challenge). I chuckle when I see those who apparently don't know about the road closures and set their turn signals only to look shocked that they can no longer turn onto that block of Franklin because it's blocked off. It seems they are new to the game, and I zoom by them as I go off to my "detour o' the day".

I tend to chuckle a bit less when I am the one caught unawares and discover that a street that was open yesterday is now closed. I suppose I could check out the RMWB website and try to stay informed of these impending closures, but really where's the fun in that? It's actually more entertaining to be driving along and suddenly learn that I can no longer turn left and have to find a new way to get to my destination.

What it all comes down to is this, people. You can look at all the road construction and get aggravated, swear a lot, increase your blood pressure, and generally have a lousy summer of driving. Or, you can accept that this is all part of living in a boomtown (and let's be real - we do) and find a way to not only live with it but maybe even see it as a positive sign of growth and good things to come. I've chosen the latter option, people, and trust me - you'll live longer if you do, too.

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