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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TEDx Fort McMurray: Shift in Thought - Wide-Angle Proactivity and Amie Dawe

One of the pleasures of participating in TEDx Fort McMurray 2013 was the opportunity to meet presenters who came to the event to share their ideas on how we can change the way we view the world. The first presenter in the afternoon session, named Amie Dawe, was one of these people, and her presentation used a very old and perhaps clich├ęd term (proactivity) but gave it a new twist by asking people to consider widening their view while still being proactive - and thus Wide-Angle Proactivity.

I think most people acknowledge the importance of developing a proactive approach to the world, whether professional or personal. Reactivity, while an essential skill, is often not the best way to deal with a world that can be uncertain at best. Proactivity has become recognized as a fundamental way to address situations, but even proactivity has limits if one views it through a narrow lens. Amie, a lovely and intelligent young woman, suggests that by widening the lens you can increase the effectiveness of proactivity, and reap the benefits of your new wide-angled view.

It was a delight to meet Amie and hear her presentation, as in some ways she reminds me a great deal of my own Intrepid Junior Blogger - intelligent, beautiful, and eloquent. She has, as I am prone to say of the IJB, "it all going on", and I think is a young woman who will meet with tremendous success, especially with her understanding of the benefits of finding a new point of view - like wide-angled proactivity.

Today I present to you the lovely Amie Dawe, and her thoughts on why we need to change our lens on the world:

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