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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cat Thoughts, Gamer Girls, Cinefiles, and the YMMPodcast

My friends over at YMMPodcast have been busy these days. Aside from the usual podcasting, tweeting, and facebooking they have also been making more and more YouTube videos, so many I have been having trouble keeping up. Today I took the time to check it out, and there are some very interesting things going on, from the Cinefiles movie reviews to Cat Thoughts.
I suppose what I truly love about all this is that the gang at YMMPodcast are doing what they love. They talk about video games and movies, and, yes, cats. They are exploring their interests, and sharing those interests with others.
I am particularly intrigued with Cat Thoughts. I’ve considered inviting them over to film an episode of “Ferret Thoughts” with the Intrepid Junior Blogger’s trio of weasels, but the truth is that the weasels think entirely in action verbs, like run, jump, pounce, dance, climb, and so on, and thus make very poor film subjects (every photo and video I have of them shows a small furry blur).

I am also intrigued by the Gamer Girls vs Gamer Guys series, but I have a soft spot for that one for a different reason. When Tito of YMMPodcast contacted me to ask if the IJB might be interested in filming a segment I knew she would be delighted. She was quite nervous about the whole thing, as she prefers performances in which she has had the chance to rehearse and knows her lines, but she does the improv thing rather well too. And she knows her video game stuff, as she is an avid gamer (particularly RPG such as Skyrim and Oblivion) and she has many, many opinions she is anxious to share (and no, I have no idea where she gets this quality from).

In this video segment she chats with Steve Reeve about the perils and pitfalls of the new XBOX One and uses phrases like “invasion of privacy”,  which might sound cute coming out of that adorable little face but I can guarantee she has ferocious views about the creepiness of being “watched”. Woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of this one, including unwary video gaming system manufacturers who think she isn’t paying attention. She is, and she has you dead to rights, too.
So, here she is with Steve Reeve, as well as Ashcakesquiggle and Dylan, son of fellow blogger Russell Thomas. It seems somehow my kid has become part of the YMMPodcast family, a family of which I am proud to be a member, too. We are all out there doing what we do, exploring our passions and sharing them on podcasts, through blogs, and YouTube videos. We are all taking advantage of the opportunities in this community, and enjoying our ability to share what we love with others. If you read this blog I would suggest you also consider listening to YMMPodcast and subscribing to their YouTube channel – because they are yet another facet of this place we call home, cat thoughts and all.


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