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Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Arkham Is Rising Around the Globe

A couple of months ago my friends at YMMPodcast hinted they were working on a new project. They asked me for a wee bit of assistance, and I gladly gave it as I knew whatever the project was that it would be incredible. You see, I've just come to expect that from them, as Toddske and Tito are pretty incredible men who put their passion and vision to work, and combine it with a drive that achieves results. They didn't tell me the details of the project, and I didn't ask, content to know that eventually they would share it with me. And share it with me they did, as I got a sneak preview of a fan film short that they have now not only shared with me but about 50,000 viewers all over the planet. That project, now gone viral, is called Arkham Rising.

This is probably where I should share that I'm not really a huge fan of superhero movies. Oh, I like them, don't get me wrong, but when you get into the details of characters and plot you will lose me. The beauty though is that you don't need to be a huge fan to appreciate Arkham Rising. All you need is an eye for quality, and appreciation for skill, and an understanding of what it takes to take something from idea to reality. If you have that you quickly see that Arkham Rising is a masterpiece.

You see this fan film short was created using all local talent, filmed in all local places. It is directed by Tito Guillen, a man who is rapidly gaining attention as a strong film-maker, and produced by Toddske, a man becoming known for his passionate "can do" attitude about everything. You combine those two forces, stir in some spectacular local talent, add in some people and organizations who allowed them to film it in their buildings, and what you have is spectacular. You have Fort McMurray arts and culture at it's finest. You have a showpiece you can send to friends with the message "this was done right here, by people I know". You have something of which the entire community can be proud.

Oh, there may be diehard superhero fans who may quibble with the details of this fan film short, or who debate the finer points, but that isn't really what matters. What matters is people who take an idea and run with it, who are able to take an idea from concept to reality, who are able to take a little fan film short and let it flow around the world. To say I am proud to know the people involved in this is ridiculous. I am beyond proud. I am honoured to know them and call them friends.

There is another video, this one about the making of Arkham Rising. I suggest watching it too, as you can see the attention to detail the director and producer employed on this project. It shows you how seriously they took this, and how they went about taking an idea, casually tossed about, and turned it into something that people all over the planet have now enjoyed. Perhaps you don't see the impact of that, but I do. I see how a group of people with a common goal can take a concept and turn it into a success. I see commitment to excellence, and I see passion and vision and drive. And I see community, too, a community of friends and others who work together to achieve a product of which they can be proud. And so they should be proud - just as proud as I am, although I was proud to know them even long before this project. I have just been proud to be their friend.

Arkham Rising

Arkham Rising - Behind the Scenes

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