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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A New Magazine, and A New Opportunity to Share the Story - YMM Magazine

When my friend Krista approached me a few months ago it was still summer, there were still leaves on the trees, and -20 was a distant memory. She came to me with a question, and to share an exciting new project she was embarking on. The project? A new magazine, based in Fort McMurray and about this region we call home. The question? Would I write for the magazine, and would I consider an article on Highway 63 as my first piece? I said yes, of course, because it seems that this little ribbon of road and I are fated to travel a path together.

YMM Magazine was just launched this past weekend. It is a lovely magazine, glossy and full of fascinating, funny, and thoughtful content. It contains articles from many of the local writers, and it is chock full of a variety of thoughts on a variety of topics, from what this community will look like in the future to just about everything else.

My contributions to the magazine are two-fold, in that I provided a feature article on Highway 63, as well as an opinion editorial on the notorious "five year plan", a plan that many arrive in this region touting as their exit strategy. I enjoyed writing both pieces immensely, and am already hard at work on my next pieces for the next issue.

I am delighted to be part of this magazine for several reasons, you see. The first is that I am honoured to call Krista a friend, and to be included in her endeavour pleases me immensely. The second is that this magazine is yet another opportunity for us to tell the Fort McMurray story, an opportunity that I not only welcome but embrace. And finally it is another example of what people in this community can do, of taking vision and passion, combining it with drive, and ending up with a tangible result that both impresses and impacts those who see it.

So, people, I present to you YMM Magazine. I am providing links to the entire magazine, as well as to my two pieces in it. I would encourage you to read it cover to cover, and when you see it hit news stands around town maybe pick up a hard copy, too. Mail it or email the links to those who you think might appreciate the chance to read the story of this region as told by those who live here. Spread the word about this region and let our light shine as we welcome the world in to see who we are, and why we are proud of this place. This is our chance to share our story, and you can be a part of it, too.

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  1. I got my hands on a hard copy this evening after work. Great reading for the ride home.