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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Weekly Wednesday What's Coming YMM

It's time to try something new. Over the last few months the number of requests I have gotten to share events and activities through this blog or my social media outlets has gone up exponentially, and frankly I can no longer keep up. Now, keep in mind I juggle the tending of this blog with a more-than-full-time job, a very busy Intrepid Junior Blogger who needs a lot of chauffeuring, a dog, a cat, and three ferrets who require feeding, attention and belly scritches, a house that requires maintenance (let alone things like laundry and dishes), and sometimes I even like to sleep (but not often).

 But I'm not going to quit. No, far from it. I am rather going to use one blog post a week to share posters from those events, sort of a "snapshot" of the events I am likely to attend and that I would suggest others may want to check out. Some might be right around the corner, and some might be weeks away, but these are the events to have on your radar. If you have an event that you would like me to feature in the blog please email me a poster (if possible) at: McMurray Musings

Coming up this Friday at my favourite local pub Wood Buffalo Brewing Co. is Slowcoaster - and it's a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters so it's a must attend!

Never been to Fort Chipewyan? This might just be the weekend to check out the ice road - and to see this incredibly beautiful community, the oldest settlement in Alberta! They are hosting their Winter Carnival and it looks to be a full weekend of great events!

This one is a little further away, but tickets are on sale now for the Shamrock Shindig, an annual fundraiser for Educare. This preschool program has a profound impact on our little people as I learned when I wrote about them last year when I had so many parents contact me to tell me how Educare changed their child's life. Besides being a really good time the Shindig is a fundraiser for a great organization doing great work in our community!

What are you doing Friday evening? Check out this lecture from local Erin Schwab, a woman with massive talent and a keen intellect to boot. We are tremendously fortunate to have people like Erin living, working and creating in this region, and this free lecture is a fine opportunity to hear her speak and understand why I feel that way.
I don't even try to hide it. I love these guys like family and I always will. YMM Podcast and I started our adventures around the same time in this community, and I am so proud of what they have accomplished and achieved in that time, and what they have brought to the community. This weekend they celebrate their 100th Podcast, and I will be there cheering them on (and if you hear snuffling noises from my direction then yes, there is a chance I will cry because I am just so bloody proud of all of them). This is a teaser from their upcoming WinterREELS competition this Saturday evening, when they will also record that 100th Podcast and comedian Jon Mick will perform.
Whoot for winterPLAY! In a place where the winter season can seem very long, thank god for a winter festival that not only warms the heart but celebrates the season that I think defines us as Canadians. winterPLAY kicks off with fireworks on February 20 and just keeps going with great events for the entire family!
If you haven't seen it yet this is the last week and weekend to catch this phenomenal production at Keyano Theatre. Once it is gone, it is gone, and you will miss the magic forever - so get your tickets NOW!
Wait, how did this sneak in here?!?

Oh yeah. Sad cat wants to know why you haven't voted for my partner Dustin and I yet as we begin our trek towards the "Dancing With the Stars" finale on April 26th. Look, if I am going to get on a dance floor and bust a move (and possibly several bones) the least you can do is vote and throw $20 towards the SPCA as they work to save the lives of critters like sad cat. And for the record I will have the IJB continue to generate sad cat and sad puppy memes until you break down and vote for me, so I suggest getting a move on it. Please? Oh, and buy tickets, because while I can't claim I can dance I and my fellow competitors intend to put on one helluva show!
 That's it. my weekly Wednesday round-up of cominge events and pleading for votes. I probably missed something (I probably missed A LOT of things) which is why if you think there is an event I should include next week you need to send me an email, a tweet or a Facebook message and tell me what it is. I will do my best to keep up - but as you can see this is becoming a busy little town these days, and



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