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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Mile in Her Hijab - The Video

Today I am going to share a little video with you. I must admit I am rather blown away by it, as the person who created it did so in such little time that I find it astonishing. World Hijab Day was celebrated just this past Saturday and here we have this lovely little video of some women experiencing the hijab for the first time.

Look at the smiles, and at the faces. I think it says it all. You might see some faces you know - I certainly did - and what you see is an exploration of wonder as these women build understanding of other women in our world.

My day wearing the hijab was a remarkable experience, and one I am still processing. I think this video sums it up far better than my words ever could - and so I thank Pearls of Wisdom for creating it, and the Fort McMurray World Hijab Day Committee for creating this event and allowing women like me to walk a mile in their shoes - or, in this case, in their hijab.

1 comment:

  1. I was not prepared by how emotional I would become watching this !
    Well done looking forward to next year's event.