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Monday, February 3, 2014

Is This Your Home?

Today I am taking the opportunity to share with you an initiative from some of the participants in this year's Leadership Wood Buffalo program.

As you might know, LWB is a program designed to foster and encourage leaders in our community. I was contacted recently by a participant who asked me to complete a survey- and the survey is all about why people would choose the Wood Buffalo region as home - or why they would instead choose not to.

The survey is mostly aimed at women, and trying to determine what makes women choose to stay in or leave our region. I have no doubt the results will be interesting, and given my own circumstances as a single parent who chose to stay in the community I know I will be interested in the results.

The reality is that while many of us choose to make this community our home others do not, and leave to create their home in other parts of the province or country. The question is why, and understanding the answer can help us to build a stronger community that provides the amenities, services and support system that will encourage men, women, and families to choose this as their home.

I encourage you to complete the survey, as the more responses the more valid the results will be. It only takes a few moments, and as I completed it I thought about why I moved here initially, and why I chose to stay just over a year ago when leaving seemed a very real possibility.

Thank you in advance for helping out my friends over at Leadership Wood Buffalo - and for helping them to build a stronger community that we will all want to call home!


  1. I cant finish the survey. As some others I know.... I was born here. Help.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Cindy! I will pass this along to the folks running the survey at Leadership Wood Buffalo as I think it is important for them to note it as well.

  2. Done! Filled out the survey! Glad I could do it :)

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