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Saturday, April 14, 2012

McMurray Musings Taking the Show on the Road - Edmonton Escapade

I would have to say one of the best things about this blog, other than all the amazing people I have met, are the opportunities that have come from writing it. What always amazes me, though, is how I don't have to go looking for them all that hard. Often they arrive in my email inbox, looking innocent enough until I read them and start grinning like a mad woman as I know I'm about to embark on a new adventure. This happened a few weeks ago when I got an email from the good folks at the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. They were contacting me with an offer - and it was the kind of offer that makes me do a little happy dance, people.

What they offered is to fly me down to Edmonton to attend the annual luncheon they host, a luncheon where they honour Edmonton's award-winning businesses. They said they like to make this offer to bloggers from other places, and that all they ask is that the blogger agrees to write and/or tweet about the experience (and since I write/tweet about almost everything I do this wasn't all that hard to agree to). And the experience doesn't just include the luncheon, people. Nope, they are putting me up in a hotel for two nights, treating me to dinner, sending me to see a play at the Citadel AND arranging a shopping tour with one of Edmonton's top fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

When I got my itinerary this week I chuckled with delight. You see, my family and I go to Edmonton a fair bit, but we always go to the same places. We go to the same hotel, the same restaurants, and the same malls. Our repertoire is a bit limited, and it's really a bit sad. I know there is so much more going on in Edmonton, and I truly love the idea of exploring it. The offer from the EEDC not only makes that easy it makes it downright enticing.

So, why am I taking my little community blog to Edmonton, you ask? Well, for starters this isn't the first time I've tried to build some neighbour type relations. In December I was honoured to write for Kikki Planet and share with Edmonton readers all the good things going on right here in Fort McMurray. Part of being a good neighbour is inviting them over...and part is going over to see them, too. So, I am headed down to Edmonton to see our neighbours, learn a bit more about parts of the city I don't know about, and quite likely talk to a lot of them about Fort McMurray too. As one friend on Facebook quipped "you can take the girl out of Fort Mac but you can't take Fort Mac out of the girl", and they are quite right. I intend to talk to everyone I meet about our community - and I am inviting them to come visit us, too.

So, if you follow me on Twitter (@mcmurraymusings) I will be live tweeting as I explore our neighbour to the south. I will also be blogging about my little Edmonton Escapade (as I've decided to dub it) and I will share it all with you throughout next week. I will tell you all about my adventure and what I discover, sharing with you what I learn, and I will share with Edmonton what I know about Fort McMurray. Let's call it a cultural exchange, eh? Cuz I'm taking this show on the road, people, and I am taking all of you along with me! :)

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