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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feeling Alone in Wood Buffalo?

A short video appeared this morning on my Facebook feed. It's a video done by a friend of mine, an individual who runs a local company called Epic Productions. And this video struck me because tonight I will attend the annual "Heart of Wood Buffalo" awards.

The awards tonight are all about non-profit organizations, and those who make them function, from board members to executive directors to employees to volunteers. It is an opportunity to recognize those who make this community what it is. It is a chance to acknowledge our heart - our social profit sector and all those who work in it.

I watched this video with fascination, because while I know some of those in it I do not know them all, and that is perhaps the true beauty. The social profit sector is strong because of the people in it, and those people come from all parts of this community.

I found the title particularly apt. If you are reading this ask yourself: Do I feel alone in my community? If the answer is yes, then perhaps it is time to do something about it. Volunteer. Join an organization in improving this community. Connect with others in this community over something you are passionate about - and discover your place. No one in this community ever needs to feel alone. I know this first hand - because since I began this blog over two years ago I have never felt alone. I have known, almost from the very beginning, that no one in this community is truly alone. We have each other, and you only need to reach out, just the tiniest bit, to find someone reaching back for you. If you are feeling alone, then maybe, just maybe, the time has come to reach out, and find a community that is just waiting to welcome you.


  1. Here's a suggestion: Try thinking beyond yourself, your family and your community and your personal needs, and try thinking about the world writ large--and of your place in that world. Think about the incredible environmental destruction and degradation to the planet that the Ft. McMurray stands for. Think not about you and your immediate family, friends and local organizations, but about the historical legacy you will leave as your community and local industries create a vast toxic moonscape that will be your legacy long after you and your progeny are interred in Mother Earth. You may find that the issue is not finding and organization to join to improve your community; you may find that the real issue is shutting your community down and finding something constructive and redeeming to do with your life rather than wrecking the planet.

    1. Fort McMurray - one of the few place on the planet with a zero waste policy. Can your community claim the same?
      Check your facts about our community and its industry before jumping on the eco bandwagon.
      Industry is reclaiming land and restoring it to its original condition.
      If it wasn't for the oilsands you wouldn't have computer to complain from :)

    2. Wonderful reply anonymous! Thank yo for saying it so well! I couldn't agree more!

      This is exactly the problem with people like the person who commented above...they spew and do not have all the facts!

      It's difficult to keep the industry from the community separate, because of small minded people such as the first comment! Which is why Theresa's blog and her stance on our home city is SO amazing!!!

  2. Here's another suggestion: This blog is dedicated to a community I love, one that exist separate from industry. This is not about my "personal needs" but about thousands of people who have no need to defend their community and have no intent of "shutting it down". Your contempt for my community is duly noted. And there isn't much point in you continuing to visit this blog as you won't find I change my love or advocacy for community based on your inability to separate industry from community. Anyone who suggests the real issue is shutting down a community of over 100,000 people clearly has no concept of what community actually is.

  3. Man, there is always someone like Jhhankins who has to swoop in and crap on a positive piece of writing. And not only that, but I can't help but think his negative point of view on life is just as destructive to people as anything that is a result of the oilsands.

  4. I have to object to jhhankins comment about shutting down our community because it is turning it into a toxic moonscape. The new plants and Sag-D technology is far, FAR from turning the environment into some sort of moonscape.

    My question to this person would be - do you actually live here? and are you making the same comments to other cities that are destroying the planet with their smog and urban sprawl?