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Monday, May 30, 2011

So, You Wanna Come For Dinner On Thursday?

Well, people, this is a reminder. I'm not inviting all of Fort Mac for dinner at my house (much as I'd love to see you I don't think my house will hold all of you), but I am inviting you to dinner - at Beacon Hill Public School. It's the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, and I truly hope you will all try to be there.

I have written a previous post about the reason for this dinner. I can't imagine a better thing to do on Thursday night, people. This is about our Fort McMurray Family, and whether or not you know Angela Woods and her husband is immaterial. What matters is that they need to be surrounded by family right now, and in a place like Fort Mac family aren't necessarily those related to us but rather those we choose. I have chosen to embrace Angela and her husband as family, and I hope you will, too. Some day you may need help, and I know you would hope that the extended Fort Mac Family would be there for you. So, let's be there for Angela and Jamie. Let's show them that this city's "Big Spirit" extends to them, too, and that they are valued members of our family. Here are the details from the Spaghetti Dinner Facebook page - see ya there, Fort Mac...

My Vice Principal, Angela Woods, is presently unable to work because she is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. As her family continues to be tested for a possible organ match, her health is deteriorating and she is quite nervous about having to start dialysis - something she was faced with for two years as a teen as she awaited her first transplant.
In the process of being tested as an organ match, her husband, Jamie was found to have a growth on his esophagus - later surgery revealed a tumor in his stomach which lead to the removal of his entire stomach. Therefore, he is left unable to work and because he was only employed with his current employers for a short time, he is left with no income.
Basically, the two are now left with 70% of Angela's salary (a teacher).
Why am I telling you this?
Because I am hoping that you can help.
On the evening of June 2nd, we will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner to help raise funds. For $20 a family of any size can come to the school and enjoy a Spaghetti Dinner. All we ask is that if you would like a side (such as garlic bread, buttered buns or salad), that you bring enough to share with your family. Everything else will be provided.
Also, we are collecting donations for a silent auction to be held the same evening. If you, or someone you know, or the company you work for, could donate something...ANYTHING to this auction, it would be greatly appreciated.
If you can donate, please contact me through facebook or at home at 780-747-7504.
I know we all have our struggles and this time of year is a busy one for fundraising, but all I ask is that you perhaps ask your boss if your company could do something and if you wish to do more, it is so so so so appreciated.
Thanks for reading the novel above and take my sincere thanks for even considering helping

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