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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hope in the Dark - Live Blog Part One

9:00 pm:

We have camp almost set up. Speeches are over and thanks to ATCO Gas we had supper. We got the Intrepid Junior Blogger's box set up early and even remembered to bring duct tape. Sadly she also decided she prefers my sleeping bag to her own, so I may need to mug her so I have somewhere to sleep tonight.

Looks like it will go down to 7 degrees tonight, but Phil says it shouldn't rain - not like last year which was miserably cold and wet. So this year the weather should hold out for us - I hope. Not many mosquitoes yet - but I think I already have a black fly bite.

This is the easy part of the night. It's still warm, but breezy, and everyone is still cheerful. From past experience I know this usually doesn't last. Some people leave in the middle of the night. I get that I guess - but people who are truly homeless don't have that option.

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