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Friday, June 20, 2014

Fort McMurray: A Vibrant Canadian Community (key word: community)

It has been wending its way around social media for some time now, but it is worth another view and another share because it is one of the loveliest messages about Fort McMurray I have heard and seen for some time.

One of our greatest challenges in this community is how we are viewed by the world outside our borders. They do not all have the opportunity to come here, and so they may believe the Neil Youngs of the world who decry us as Hiroshima and see us as nothing more than the oil sands development and an industry.

We are more than oil sands.

We are in fact a vibrant, young and growing community of tens of thousands of people who have chosen this as their place to live, work and play.

For tens of thousands of people we are nothing more, and nothing less, than home.

My sincere thanks to Senator Doug Black, who not only visited us but who took the time to see us, not just the industry or the oil sands, but to see the place, the people and the community.

This video accompanying a brief statement Senator Black gave recently in the Senate is just a small glimpse of Fort McMurray, Alberta. We are more than industry, we are more than oil, and we are more than many understand.

We are vibrant, Canadian...and a community.

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