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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How I Met Your Blog

I am not an obsessive checker of my standing in the social media sphere. I don't know my Klout score, I am not entirely sure how many followers I have on Twitter and I am not quite certain how many tweets I am at (although I do know I passed 30,000 a couple of weeks ago, which seems more of a warning signal than a milestone, really). To be honest I have never measured impact or effectiveness of what I do by the numbers, preferring to gauge it by the emails or messages I receive (both of praise and derision). But there is one thing I like to check on occasion, which is how people find this blog through web searches.

Every few months I pull up my blog stats and head straight there, just to see what key words people are using to find my blog. This random sampling shows how readers found my blog over the last little while. Some of the searches are fairly obvious, while some are a little more...unusual.

1) mcmurray musings

Alright, there are people out there who know the blog name! A surprising number call it "macmurray musings" instead though, which is a little worrisome.

2) lady in fort mcmurray who blogs

I can live with this. I've been called far, far worse than a lady.

3) parking like a douchebag

Okay, I did a couple of posts on bad parking and then I stopped because everybody was doing it. I mean parking badly, not blogging about it.

4) what to wear in fort mcmurray

Clothing is preferred, really. Due to the cold winter temperatures there is a dearth of nudists in this town. I am quite happy about this, too.

5) dating scene in fort mcmurray

Barking up the wrong tree with this one. My last date was with the cat over a bucket of tiger tiger ice cream for me and a can of tuna for him.

6) animal that lives in a whole

What? No. In a whole what? Just no.

7) fort mcmurray escort services

This might be where the "I have been called worse" part comes in. Given how often this is searched for this could be a potential future source of revenue generation. I mean accepting ads for escort services on the blog, not running one myself. Get your mind out the gutter would you?

8) where to eat in fort mcmurray

Restaurants, usually. Yes, we have those.

9) shoe fetish

I plead the Fifth on this one on the grounds I may self-incriminate.

10) fort mcmurray blow jobs

Okay people, look here. I don't know if you were searching for anecdotes, photos, videos or offers but regardless this is not the blog you were looking for (and I am sorry as you must be quite disappointed, too).

So, there you have it. This is how people met my blog recently. Frankly I am sitting here wondering what the person looking for an animal that lives in a whole thought of Fort McMurray, really.

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