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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Intrepid Junior Blogger Rants Rick Mercer-Style

This is from some time ago when the Intrepid Junior Blogger was given a school assignment to create a Rick Mercer-style rant. In true Mercer style we found a mural wall and she ranted away while her mother held the iPhone to video (so all quality faults are in fact my own as I am an abysmal videographer). The thoughts, words and script are all her own, though - I was just there as technical help.

All I can say is that one day this kid is going to be a formidable force. At fourteen she already has some fairly complex thoughts on some fairly complex issues - and this is just one of them. These are the conversations that occur in my house on a daily basis - and it is in these discussions that I find hope for our future, because it rests with youth like the one I happen to live with, and the other youth I know who are very similar to my own. There is great optimism to be found with these young adults, I believe.

With her permission I share it with you here today, because she believes this is a serious issue. And so I give to you the Intrepid Junior Blogger, and her thoughts on cyber bullying:

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